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Philip Holt

ABOUT – Early Years

Phillip Holt is a British national, married to a Malaysian, Mee Len, for over twenty-five years, and has two permanent homes in London (UK) and Penang (Malaysia).

As a senior citizen of the world, Phillip started his working career in the very early days of computing, telling the first computer he encountered he walked through the processor which comprised of hundreds of flashing valves.

For about thirty-five years, Phillip continued working in computing, starting in data processing, through operations into the management of computer sites, from a large UK nationalised industry, the financial arm of a large electrical retailer, a major cosmetic company, a tyre retailer/distributor  and a major toy manufacturer.

In the early 1970’s, Phillip joined NCR in the UK as a pre-sales/post-sales systems analyst/programmer. Phillip was headhunted to move to Sperry-Univac in a similar role, and back to NCR in the UK. After some years, Phillip joined the Texas Instruments distributor in Saudi Arabia as Software Manager, managing multi cultural development staff, providing solutions for customers buying the mini, multi user, TI computers.

From Phillip’s exposure to many industries and requirements in the operations area of computing, Phillip was ideally placed for working for the computer manufacturers, to design and produce solutions to customers needs upon buying the then new concept of computerization.

Businesses Phillip provided solutions to included, a toy manufacturer, integrating all departments of the business from purchasing, sales order processing, stock control, manufacturing and scheduling, wage calculation from work output, stock distribution and statistical reporting. Other businesses was a major hotel chain for front office/back office solutions, a twelve storey departmental store including stock control and till integration, hospital management including patient records and drug interaction, the development and first deployment of AI (Artificial Intelligence) into the Middle East for the screening of those attending Haj, and many other businesses requiring standard solutions such as accounting, payrolls, stock control, statistical analysis etc.

On leaving the Middle East, Phillip returned to the UK, and putting his knowledge and experience became Marketing Manager to computer solution provider to the flat glass, window and door industry, eventually being a director of a solution provider. Phillip changed direction to become a computer facility management provider, providing solutions and support to many clients.

Phillip then recognised that he was programming machines, why not people?

ABOUT – Training

It occurred to Phillip during his early career, that he was programming machines to emulate what humans were doing, and his interest in personal training development began in the early 1990’s.

Phillip had had an experience of hypnosis in the early years, and joined a well know UK hypnotist, Paul McKenna, on his course to learn more about the subject. During this course, Phillip discovered NLP, (Neuro Linguistic Programming), and needing to learn more, he joined McKenna’s next courses being run with one of the co-founders of NLP, Richard Bandler. From these early courses, Phillip was invited to assist McKenna and Bandler in further courses, to help organise and run them, giving a great insight into co-ordinating and running small and large (1 – 800+ attendees) courses and seminars.

Phillip set-up and ran for a number of years one of the UK’s largest groups in London, facilitating evenings, seminars or meetings for major visiting world figures in the human development field. Meeting these major figures only drove and continues to drive Phillip’s quest for knowledge in this field, and thus seeks out to learn from the best.

With the permission and agreement from the greats, Phillip gained the required licences or accreditation to become a trainer and teach such methodologies and techniques, and continues to widen his knowledge to this day.

Such people Phillip has worked with includes, Richard Bandler, John Grinder, Frank Pucelik the three founders of NLP, Paul McKenna, Ormand McGill, Gil Boyne, Jerry Valley world renowned hypnotists, Paul Scheele founder of PhotoReading, Tony Buzan founder of Mind Maps, Dr, Win Wenger psychologist, Graham Alexander high performance coach, Joe McMoneagle member of the StarGate Project, Gianni Golfera the man with the biggest memory, and many more.

With such knowledge and expertise, Phillip ran courses in the UK, but was soon approached by organisations throughout the world, to facilitate licensed courses for them. Phillip continues to return to such countries on a regular basis, and include, China, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, India, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Italy, and actively seeks facilitators to extend his portfolio.

Courses (see separate list) can be given for 1-2-1, public, corporate, educational requirements, and if required, participants will be awarded fully licensed certification given under the originators name and trade mark.

For corporate courses, Phillip works with the client/s to ascertain their requirements, what results/outcomes do they wish to achieve, and bespoke courses can be designed and delivered for the specific time of the courses length. Many corporate courses will contain elements from various techniques and courses.

Working with facilitators in different countries who wish to put-on their own courses, Phillip will be the training provider, charging a flat fee plus hotel, travel, food and expenses, and any licensing fees, materials, room rental, making it a win win for the facilitator and trainer, and would suggest that a number of courses be run in the same visit to spread the costs.

Phillip is a well known speaker for large (3,000 delegates Istanbul) or small (clubs) events, and has a number of subjects available for talks.

As a Stage Hypnotist, Phillip has often been asked to give shows to live audiences, public, corporate, or private.


  • “I applied what you showed me and went in to the meeting today, successfully closed a £0.5million deal.”

    Sales Director
  • “I have recently attended Paul Cosens’ NLP Practitioner course, since attending the course my inner and outward attitude has positively changed. The skills gain from the training has further my decision making, improve self-control and enormously improve my self-confidence.I have noticed, the skills gain from the training has also improve my personal relationships with those around me on my day to day life.
    As most guys, We always wish we had super power. The NLP course has given me the ability to help others overcome their boundaries, and for to me have this ability means everything. I will definitely recommend the training to anyone wishing to take their skills further.”

    Course Attendee
  • “I feel so much lighter and I continue to now sleep very well after just one session – book in for a session with Paul! ”

    Standup Comedian
  • “I used the special technique you taught me before speaking at the Party Conference and it was amazing – it really worked!”

  • “Paul has helped me overcome some blocking negative thoughts. I don’t know what he exactly did but the result is that I feel more relieved when thinking about the past, particularly the past memories I had prior to meeting Paul. Apart from his method I like the approach of Paul: direct, non judgmental, sincere and helping. I am very glad that I have met Paul.”

    J. from Holland – After 25 mins of trauma clearing.